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and when she speaks

Sunday, April 05, 2009

kakak no!!!

It happened right before my watchful eyes.

The girl rolled down a few steps and tumbled some 360 down...I sure remember she hit her head. Yes we were lucky the stairs were carpetted. Where were we?

We were at the new mustafa centre(I think they called it the 3rd building or somethin)with my parents and the pak chu. I had just came out from the toilet cleaning adik's poo and and the gyrl was on level 2 with pak chu. Daddy was not ard. He was at work.I hunched that she was trying to walk down and just as I was to say something, she tumbled.my heart jumped.

It's really so hard now to watch over them. The kakak is so prone to accidents now.the adik oblivious to my rants and shouting.

Just last week, she fell from her chair, now her arm can't bend fully.

She is such a 'darling' now kissing the adik but if her mood is unpredictable, she tonyol her adik!thatcame yesterday and again I was ard!but behind her I think she loves her adik a lot. When she cries it pains me that there is sadness of 'does everyone love adik more'. My. Hats off for the parents of kids whu divide their love and attention equally.for me I try to be equally fair and I am still coping with it

Saturday, April 04, 2009

like katak bawah tempurung sia

Ask me abt the development of orchard road..I'll be clueless.

I've realised that with marriage comes less jalan2 ard town or anywhere especially with two small kids and no license to drive and we basically visit places which are baby friendly and near to home or the inlaws and family weddings which are never ending.

I bet I will be so suaku if I step in town now coz I do admit I go to only suntec, bugis,marina square,imm and vivo. We've never brought our kids to the new east coast,zoo, the hhort park and marina barrage, or even west coast park which is just at least 5 busstops away from home.kalau dulu, every week step town to meet up with friends entah brapa kali in a week!

My target, if its still not too late, visit this places before 2009 ends.well at least I have 8 mths more.. Go nani!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

building cobwebs

yes.. cobwebs in our new house.. we have no time to survey for a contractor and with adapting to the new headcount...It's left empty for the thir month now. I sure have big plans but i guess that will have to hold on. Sigh.

2nd month of maternity already!

Kudos to the SAHM to be able to withstand this long break and never feeling the pinch to be back at work. I should be enjoyin my maternity but I'm feeling the exhaustion raising 2 kids during my maternity, more tiring than working and looking after the gyrl. i can forecast the additional stress when i get back to work and i hope i cope well enough. Plus to bring them home at dusk when our house is ready and forth at dawn. houshold chores,which i hope hubby would successfully share the load and not taichi back to me.

hopefully by next month i could adapt to it. So far this 2 months have been short, with alot of series of the unexpected. The gyrl nearly got admitted to the hospital, sick twice, hubby had his exams, The boy, myself an hubby unwell and boy the kids are growing so fast.

I am trying my best to catch up their development, both sis and bro so that i dun miss them if i pay too much attention on one. The sis is really gd at her speech now and trying out sentencing words. Its a bit jumble up but her vocab is magnificant. She parrots too, but of course we have to watch what we say. She remembers it and will surprise us with teh words at the correctime. Like when she said,"terperanjat aku"... i think i was more terperanjat than her! She used "aku" at the age of one plus?? Her R is lost sometime.. "Abbas royan" became "Abbas Yan". "Mandi" became "Nani"? She called me by my name at times. And the tone like how my mom called me .. Then there is tantrums that i hate and trying to fix them. mummys out there teach me man.. i smacked her feet cause i was damn irritated and i lost my patience. It was like berbuih buih explaining to her not to throw herself but it didn't work so came the smack feet and glare and yeah she is very young but at which age should i start discipline. my belief was correction and teaching her why it has to be corrected but will she understand?I pray i taught her right. And she knows when to say "sorry,Mama" and sob with her big round eyes, jus like puss in boots in Shrek. Of course, that part i will melt and hug her.

The Boy is growing so well(now at 6KG!) that even when he fall sick, he was seen to be doing fine. The boy same down with a chokin episode last Saturday night. He was gasping to breathe and was crying. There were abt 8 cycles before he fall asleep. We hesitated to bring him to the hospital but because of his fragility,his coughs that is getting worst and dad's advice of looking after the boy's lungs we decided to bring him to KKH the next morning.

The trip was a long one, got ready them both, drop the girl to the in laws since mom had to attend something.Fortunately the queue was light. Therer was no traces of ater in his lung but because of his age, he was admitted as they want to make sure it is not fits but choke.

I stayed with him through the night since i need to BF him. Hubby insisted in keepin me company but i shoo-ed him to work since he was on leave on friday, MC on sat due to his fever and CCL on sunday. If he took another leave on monday, it could just eat his leave since he has been taking his exam leaves and CCL leave for the dotter during her gastric flu experience plus its only MAR 09. there is 9 more months to go before the next year came.

At the hospital, the night was like a nursery. One after another, the kids cried like a domino effect. the machines too beep continuously. when one machine stops the other machine from another bd beeps. sometimes it beeped together

I'm glad to be back at home but the sleepless nights is catching up on me. i miss my naps. There is so much to do no time for myself and 3 more weeks to working world.


I think I've sat too long at home and watch/listen to too much disney channel.Every night the songs from that channel rings and flashes on my head.Today was dibo the giftdragon, yesterday was little Einstein.. there were days of mickeymouse clubhouse, handy manny, tigger and pooh, and the most addictive, was a competition between noddy and his friends and Dibo the gift dragon..

So much that the girl would brighten up when this songs, especially mickey, pooh and dibo if mummy sang them.

Of course it became a bedroom conversation with hubby and he agreed that Dibo the gift dragon was in fact one of her fav tunes apart from "Mouse"and "elmo".

Monday, January 05, 2009

Coming to terms with two

Yeah. Two.. There will insyallah be two kids, one due anytime now.. the EDD is 26 jan but it felt like baby can pop anytime now. How not to worry, TWO colleagues one due on 20, delivered on 2 jan, the other's edd, on 28 Jan, delivered on 28 Dec. Me.. waiting to pop.

Some even sms-ed me and tot i had popped! Am i ready to pop? oh dear, the bag is not even packed.I'm to packed for TWO this time. Hubby wants to stay with me for the night this time. his tired of travelling thru and fro from our first baby experience. I'm not ready to go.. and hubby calls me every day 3,4,5,6 times... to make sure i'm at work no where else near the gynae.. coz he does not want to miss it.

The gyrl, now sleeps at my arms. She can pretends she can sleep far away from me, but when she sleeps it's like magnet, i find her at my arms clinged in the middle of the night. The hubby has started to have less tempers than he did, he;s more impatient to hold his baby.

TWO adiitions in TWO months.. how cool right.

We'll have a house of our own proudly owners..instead of TWO mobile house we used to have it's gonna be a three in Jan 1-TWO(we're collecting our keys on 12 jan and hopefully i have not popped yet, otherwise hubby go on his own la)

So will my parents enjoy another additional baby this yr? meaning TWO baby in a yr.. (that we have to ask the newly weds hor)

So i guess TWO is definitely the number for me now.

The boss is on Hospital leave, leaving us TWO away from team for the moment.

Oh! and TWO may make TWO holes in our pocket. Insyallah we will pull thru..

It's about 2008

2008 ended almost a week back(what outdated post)and today I'm 37 weeks with 21 days left to my EDD.

It's been a challenging, challenging year. A different pregnancy from the first. A jumpy year ended with uncertainty, a new job with love, enduring the stress at work..from my old and new job. then there was hubby's exam blues, to getting a home, running from one end of Singapore twice for the two important ladies of my life, in June and Nov, for their important dates, and Alhamdulillah they r happpy, happily married, to a wedding preparation of beloved bro and welcoming the addition of a new family member, my dear lil sis, to preparing for labour to top the icing or the cream of 2008.

There were more things to think of besides the baby.the first trimester passed with a lot of puking, the second, with raya, stress at work and hubby's exam and the third preparation for bro's wedding which went solidly well. These days are left to pace myself back and hoping to enjoy maternity with the lovely kids.

This time my dear baby was more active than the dear gyrl. The hubby more practically craving for rojak india or chicken or starbucks or even Qiji food. (he still haven got his rojak he last asked for even though we had it several times during my first and second trimester!) Hubby was more temperament and not that he don't know, but he admitted his short, tense self all by himself.(Let's just say I was much more patient then he was this time)

It was also different because we had to share it with my baby. I'm still seeing my gyrl as baby like it was always a yesterday, that she was born, not months ago. I'm having a hard time to really admit she's a kakak because I think she's too young to understand she's a kakak and her role she'll need to hold responsibility in the future.

I'm awed with her development altogether. She's expressive, registers what we do, How we talk and how we react. Her intelligence made us proud parents, her friendliest self and love warm us up. Her teachers, an empty lot; by the uncle, the grandparents, us, and the young ones, oshi and yash, either amuses us, cringe us for their nonsense or made us sigh with relief. She knows the gender of the baby when you ask her, she misses her uncle so much nowadays.. she will tell us her uncle is not ard. she mimics her Yash crying when we ask her where is Yash,

All in all 2008 left me with lots of great decisions to take and impacted a lot on us. I had a swop of job which left me blessed. stressed but it was well worth it. Now my team is complete and kicking?

And hoping bro and wife gets blessed with kids soon and then my dear gyrl will have cousins!!! Hmm, i love cousins! Blessed with a lot of them during my little childhood, It was totally cool, to have sleepovers, and tricking our granparents into really spoiling us during school holidays. I hope they get that joy too.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


of all things, i have to misplace my daughter's gown for the wedding reception!!!!!! i'm so in hot soup now! It's only 3 more days!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

complainin and panic!

I typed a lenghty complaint and ended up switching off the mail switch of my stystem yesterday because i was so eager to resolve a case!

  • A user is now a happy user. we gave up on his lappy(now waiting for the vendor to check the fan(though we suspect it could be the network card) )yesterday and loaned a replacement lappy, all went fine. however still need to follow up his case.. one user so many case
  • Then there are so many cases in the region and i'm hooked to so many remotes and also multi tesking*prrfh*
  • The card is FINALLY ready today.. one lengthy burden away. and daddy is more contented.I made a big big lie(bohong sunat last night, to save them from grumbling and mumbling under their breath)Told them the man delivered yesterday and i'll bring it home tomorrow with my bro. then no qns asked.which is actually the card is not with me yet.

    Then this morning, mama called and said" we're coming to your office to collect the cards". My vendor called to meet up to fix an issue too soon after that call.

    Me: (in my thoughts)SHIT! ok mama, come after 2PM lah.. i call back again. I called the uncle, begged a bit and told me my crisis and he agreed to come ard lunch. Plea again and he said ok i come now lah.
    At the same time the SIL called saying someone looking for me, hubby called for my FAX number, The user called for help, The phone rang again and this time, my financer called me, and the vendor came for a fix at my regional office.. fast of him and then phone rang, uncle said 15 minutes i meet you ok to pass the card.. %$%#!!

    I prayed vendor to finish a bit early but sadly he tookl onger.. oklah i managed to take the card while he fix it. BUT the printing uncle forgot the envelope! He promised to send in the afternoon.. but how, mom coming to take card at 2PM! and my parents are pretty very punctual people not like their gyrl! and then i have to get the envelope but i dun want to spend more money buying from outsource! so not worth it right! Uncle even want to deliver to mom at her house but i told him they on the way here already.. **i was perspiring and panicking*. In the end, i told mom to meeet at 1pm,(earlier than scheduled) and get the envelopes from the uncle's shop at ubi.. Dad was super pissed. i have to make a last lie; the envelope was too small for our card. end story. uncle gave me the addie and arranged his guy to pass to my parents to collect at their ubi shop. uncled was apologetic but nice he gave me extra card(i never count coz i trusted him lah) sigh ..i think he just can shook his head.. we got our asses covered.

    I'm so glad now the card is finally out. *pheww* i'm sure dad is eagerly excited that his son is getting maaried but not showing it.
  • I'm beginning to panic that i've not gotten any thing yet for the new baby. the only new romper we bought was worn by the sis just twodays back. thanks to the atok! a 0-3 month romper, atok wore for the gyrl who is already 18 months! sigh.. so officially no new thing for the baby.
  • I'm still wondering whether i should get the avent electric pump. i broke the motor and it's super gd.. left with the manual but so leceh. then my medela pump could be stationed at work..otherwise i will need to carry to and fro from work when i start work. then maybe no bonus some more. *hints* i want an avent elctronic pump! but cost a bomb.
  • The cot needs a new mattress. or maybe i wanted a fresh mattress for the baby? my wants .. the babysafe mattress but havent drag hubby to get them.
  • Then clothes for the baby .. not sure sufficient. and we d not want to spend like we did last time for Balqis! now she has occupy every inch of teh wardrobe enuff for her adik? i assume a BIG NO. so we cant shop much till we move over to new house!
  • New house is settled but worried we might be rushing. we took a big step to get a house AT THIS TIME WHEN MONEY NEEDS TO BE SAVED. but i guess we either do it now or we will grumble for a house all the time. appt will be a day after bro weds.. so tiring december after a tiring november..
  • the back on my left side is really aching..my leg numbs i miraculously put on only 3 kilo! and at 7 months.. baby is super active and some say tummy big some say small.. so long i deliver normally and baby fine and healthy, i have no complications i'm contented.The last two visit baby is in breech, now back to engaged, next week, hopefully engaged too because i feel baby tumbling so much and i even dreamt that baby's fingers created a thumbprint and i was holding the hand last night! kaka also chuckles and mumbles on my tummy, anytime she wants and kisses baby alot.

off to home now .. tomorrow, another battle to help Indonesia issue. I'll be lying if i do not love my job now even though i'm fighting fire..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

dialogue with hubby

One fine night we were having our norm chats and i was telling hubby how peacefully she slept..how fast she's growing then hubby said," yar.. and the mummy talks in her sleep asking the gyrl to seat during her sleep" he chuckled. i was chanting"Seat ..Seat ..Seat" in the middle of the night...... oh dear signs of fatigue?I rarely sleeptalk and ended up talkig in my sleep!

back again/

finally. ok i actually have ten minutes to blog this morning, It's been a very busy month of oct and nov.

I FINALLY completed my bro's card but i lost my quotation.Shit* and to think i wanted to ask for discount and not be quoted the same price or be overcharged. And i STILL have not printed it YET. and i need it up before i stepped on my daddy's and bro's toes. Famly, u know how teperamental they can be huh. and it's almost a month to the weddin!

Then there was a crazy spell of cari rumah. .

we were the usual spore kiasu couple this time. applied the HDB bi-yearly sale and the BTO for Jurong. and at the same time sempat hunting for resale to test market. Then our itchy eyes saw this ad showing a house somewhat near/far parent's home and we surveyed and fall in love at the discount they giving .. s o grab at impulse after we checked the owner background. It'll be a hefty sum to renovate.. sigh. BIG sigh for us and now I cant leave the workforce yet to be a housewife. Otherwise hubby will need to work 24 hours a day! so we paid the agent our deposit without hesitation. UNTIL of course when we reach home we became worried and started to read more abt house resale. our number for bi-yearly sale was released a day before meeting the agent the second time to submit our doc for the first appt! the number: 554, within reach of the available number of flats sold by HDB!!!! sakitnyer hati.. luckily the locations are far offf our mom's neighbourhood otherwise.. i'll bag my head for wating my money!bro's number was even betta. 4999!

Then there was a report in the papers which made us sleepless. PLus we had to quickly register our HLE back again by 14 days. and we had to get our savings for the next payment. and we only had a receipt of the payment with NO documentations! So last weekend i requested for the every copy of the docuemnation and alhamdulillah the agent gave with no hesitation. of course hubby terbegik because we couldnt believe we managed to korek that much amt of money from our savings!

then there were busy schedules of looking after the gyrl, and getting real sick but going to work. i'm not sure why but i think i'm feverishly addicted to work in here. I had three days mc but chose to came on all days and kept the leave instead. i think i never practised this in my whole career life. hubby nags at me for not taking care of health esp baby but i dunno why i just felt that i'm fit to go to work eventhough the dr thins otherwise. ALhamdulillah now i'm recovering and so far the scan last weekend, baby seemed fine and actively kicking and tumbling in the tummy. Dunno why i get so frustrated with the users lately but on the otherhand i just felt that if i dun help them, at least i tried my best to help most of them and try to keep under a deadline.

forgetfulness spells are coming to absorb my brain cells. a lot of things misplaced or forgotten. then there is always a punctuality issue lately for me. Wake up early and still late becoz of the gyrl.crying and refusing to salam because i'm off for work.And going back i wish there was another type of bus. the bus that waits for you instead of you waiting for them!

i did not grow up with this gyrl, but we got close during poly is getting married!! this weekend and i wish her hapiness and blissful.. so finally left only two of my close poly friends not married yet. oh anothe busy weekend looms ahead. wedding car deco not thought of yet!